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Specialising in MC work, awards presentations, product launches and guest speaking, all with video material on request. Derek's most popular presentation is about South African journalism over the past three decades: "You Have the Right to Know it All."

Playing and presenting prizes at golf days has become a specialty.

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"We have had great response and would not have done it without you..." ORACLE

"Your manner and conduct was most professional and very entertaining. We have been inundated with compliments and our website chatroom has been abuzz...." EAS Nutrition

"We were delighted at the way you kept the morning flowing and the audience entertained. You told us things that we have the right to know!" Nedcor

"Speaking to someone live from outer space is a dream that few of us would have dreamt possible. But with your help this dream came true." First African In Space
  • Didn't know Loyisa Gola flew at the same altitude. He claims even higher!
  • Getting first violin lesson from talented young musician andrew gilbert. Not for sensitive ears!
  • Our michelin star chef Jan Hendrik Vanderwesthuizen. Thank you ambassador Barbier
  • With Carte Blanche team getting fried by 250 000 mirrors near Poffadder. Sasolar project to beat Eskom blues
  • With Adam de Moor at boxing
  • 165 Sedibathuto kids share the season with KFC SA and Kirsty Watts Foundation. Thanks PicknPay & Hamleys Toys SA + all helpers!
  • Sabrina Love Ocean Challenge
  • Meet Pedro Boshoff. A vital link in chain of mysterious events leading to discovery of homonaledi.


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